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Our restaurant in Koukaki, Athens
a unique and very welcoming place
with delicious traditional greek cuisine
that you will simply adore!..


  Oka’s salad (rocket, spinach, baked potato,xinomizithra, sundried tomato, oil, balsamic vinegar) 7,00
  Mediterranean (rusk, rocket leaves, tomato, cucumber, graviera cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar) 7,00
  Greek Salad 5,50
  Tomato & cucumber 4,00
  Season salad
  "Ladovroxi" (Cretan Dacos with xinomizithra cheese) 5,50
  "Rapsodia" (tuna salad) 6,50
  Politiki (Cabbage salad from Constantinople) 4,00
  Boiled wild greens
  Boiled beetroot 3,50
  Boiled vegetables

You can also enjoy our menu in our restaurant. 

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