Welcome to our Restaurant

“Cookhouse for good Greek food and a lot more” The story: They say that the best and most delicious things in life happen when you do not expect them. So one day four friends, as they drank ouzo and played backgammon, thought of getting their own place to hang out and share it with more people transforming it to a big family where everybody fits. From pure relations between people only hospitality, light and taste can ultimately be produced. This how the wine cookery “Dio Dekares I Oka” was born. A place full of love that comes out generously from Greek hearts but as we say here with a bit of craziness that we need in our days. ABOUT US

Our Philosophy

In cooking, imagination, art and passion play an important role but the truth is that everything starts with the most fundamental; the ingredients. We always choose to buy the best in quality materials in order to offer you a delightful result and you can easily taste the quality of our food as we shop daily from the best quality points. Our philosophy is based on the pure taste of homemade food and this can be achieved only by choosing pure ingredients.

A Family Welcoming Place

SMILE It does not cost! It just needs to be true. We offer our smile generously as good energy and positivity are basic “material” for us, which ultimately finds its way into the food. We want to smile and make our visitor smile even more. FAMILY We are a large family and you are also part of it. In families, besides good food, there is love and sincere interest. So we welcome you if you have not visited us yet, and we will be glad to welcome you to our beautiful family GALLERY

Our Menu

You can start with the appetizers of our own production like “hit fire”, “tzatziki”, split peas, “flogeres” with meat, fish marinade and much more. From salads choose the “oka”, “ladovrohi”, “kopa” or “pasa” (we have other ones of course). From our rich Greek cuisine you can taste legumes, pork, milk lamb, beef and soup accompanied by delicious siders such as fresh potatoes, vegetables or rice.

What our customers say: