About Us

“…”Cookhouse for good Greek food and a lot more”…”

The story: They say that the best and most delicious things in life happen when you do not expect them. So one day four friends, as they drank ouzo and played backgammon, thought of getting their own place to hang out and share it with more people transforming it to a big family where everybody fits. From pure relations between people only hospitality, light and taste can ultimately be produced. This how the wine cookery “Dio Dekares I Oka” was born. A place full of love that comes out generously from Greek hearts but as we say here with a bit of craziness that we need in our days.

The story was written; people from all over the world, Greeks and foreigners, loved the “Dio Dekares I Oka” and made it their refuge. When you come for the first time then you come back again as you are getting used to enjoying good food and friendly atmosphere which is exactly what we want every visitor to feel… the warmth of Greek hospitality.